I am a composer who writes in a variety of styles.

My latest projects concern works for community

choirs, choral societies and theatre groups. Details of

my work and services can be found on the various

pages of the website.


    Here are some quotes from recent performances of my work

     ' I thought the music was simply beautiful and the words very moving. I feel privileged to have sung in the first performance of                                      'A Better World '  

 ' A Better World was a triumph...the harmonies were haunting and reflected well the trauma of oppressed people everywhere.

The narrative made the story live and breathe and the art work projected behind the choir provided an excellent backdrop.

This was a really moving and enjoyable performance, a feeling echoed by the audience to whom we spoke ' - July 2014 

         ' I really like the striking melodies, the poetic nature of the lyrics and the different ways in which the mood of the music evokes a song's meaning.' -  January 2013

 ' I found the harmonies, melodies and subtleties of rhythm stayed    with me for a long time afterwards and the marriage of words and                      music was not only very skilful, but also                                            haunting and evocative.'  - December 2012           

Many more comments about my work can be found on the Forum page and on the news page of Weston Super Mare choral society.


      My latest project - A Better World ( a Cantata )


This work is described on the Choral Music Page.

It was premiered on the 19th July, 2014 at Priory

School Theatre, Weston Super Mare


Music from the work is showcased on the Juke box.  

This music is a mixture of vocal and instrumental

versions of the songs. On the 'Better World' page

you can see the words of all the songs and the

pictures that are displayed during the performance.


You can purchase the studio album in the on line