I compose choral music for community choirs, choral societies and                 theatre groups. My work is regularly performed.

My latest project has been the performance of my Cantata ' A Better World ' by Worle Community Choir, Weston Super Mare on July 19th 2014. It is a story in words. pictures and music. The juke box has studio and live versions of the music from that Cantata.

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 The Choral Music page on this website explains the project. Copies of the words are on the Project page and the slide illustrations are on the Picture Gallery page. Illustrations are by Catherine Roughton and Crooked Wood was co written with John Levett.

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           Here are some comments about that performance

' I thought the music simply beautiful and the words were very moving. I'm sure that it would make a wonderful stage performance. I feel very privileged to have sung in the first performance of ' A Better World. '

' The Cantata 'A Better World ' was a triumph....the harmonies were haunting and reflected extremely well the trauma of oppressed people everywhere.

The narrative made the story live and breathe and the artwork projected on the wall behind the choir provided an excellent backdrop.'

' This was really a moving and enjoyable performance, a feeling echoed by the many members of the audience to whom we spoke. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to share your music. Brilliant. '

' What an honour it was to sing Ray's beautifully expressive cantata     ' A Better World.' With so many heart stirring pieces it is difficult to choose a favourite; perhaps Crooked Wood, Ever in Hope or Let me in...but in its entirety the cantata had a poignancy which touched the soul of both performer and audience. A wonderful production. '


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